Film Scoring Department

The Film Scoring Department offers a Bachelor of Music in film scoring, teaching the skills to compose, arrange, and conduct music for a variety of industries such as film, television, and video games. 


The Film Scoring Department faculty are award-winning, in-demand industry professionals with accolades including Grammy and Emmy awards. Browse faculty profiles.

 Alumni and Careers

Graduates of this program work in a wide range of careers. Meet some of the graduates of the film scoring program.

Featured News


Film composer Matthew Margeson

Rocketman to Godzilla: Alumni Create Music for Summer Films

July 11, 2019

If you hit the theaters this summer, chances are you'll hear the music of Berklee alumni.

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Press Release

Sean McMahon Named Chair of Berklee's Film Scoring Department

June 7, 2019

McMahon, a successful film composer and orchestrator who currently serves as assistant chair of the department, succeeds Alison Plante as chair on September 1.

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Steven Grove Scores One of Hollywood's Top Internships

September 27, 2018

The film scoring major spent the summer as an intern at Sparks and Shadows, where he now works. 

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See a video overview of the film scoring major:

Our Mission

The mission of the Film Scoring Department at Berklee College of Music is to offer an opportunity for students to learn the art, craft, and tools of scoring for a variety of media, with a professionally active and respected faculty that provides a comprehensive and innovative curriculum.

To achieve this mission, the Film Scoring Department will:

  • teach the rich history and traditions of the field while encouraging diverse new practices and directions.
  • train students to compose using traditional ensembles and the rapidly evolving technology that together make up the language of modern scores.
  • guide students to create using their own artistic voice within a collaborative endeavor.
  • introduce students to the rich, diverse community of scoring professionals, and prepare them to navigate the realities of a scoring career.
  • inspire students to be self-starters and lifelong learners.
  • prepare students to excel in both current and future interactive, immersive art forms that incorporate music.
  • empower students to shape the future of the art, bringing diverse perspectives and as-yet unheard sounds to life.

For further information about the Film Scoring Department, please email or call 617-747-2440.

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