Film Scoring

Berklee’s Film Scoring Department offers you the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to compose and edit music for film and video. Interweaving advanced music skills, technical proficiency, and dramatic interpretation, a Berklee film scoring education enables you to meet the challenges of this exciting and demanding application of your musical sensibilities.

Listen to a podcast with Alison Plante, chair of Film Scoring at Berklee:

As a student studying film scoring at Berklee, the Department envisions that you will graduate a composer with all the tools required to be a self-teacher, including the compositional fluency to communicate emotions in a dramatic scene and the comfort and competence to excel in professional environments, including collaborations.

You will engage in hands-on study of film music composition, editing, sequencing, and related computer applications in college facilities that rival those used by commercial enterprises like Lucasfilm and the major Hollywood studios, such as the Shames Family Scoring Stage, film scoring labs, numerous MIDI workstations, and studios equipped with professional music technology required for contemporary scoring projects.

For further information about the Film Scoring Department, please email or call 617-747-2440.