Jeff Baust

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses)
jbaust@berklee.edu | 617-747-8585

"We don't teach just the button pushing for today's technology but how to achieve effective music and sound design with any set of tools."

Jackie Beard

Professor, Woodwinds
jbeard@berklee.edu | 617-747-2678

"The improvisational approaches that I relay to my students are theoretically explainable, of course, but it's the practical and artistic applications that I really want to get across to them."

Matthew Beaudoin

mbeaudoin@berklee.edu | 617-747-6505

"I want students to come away from my class with practical skills that they can apply in their future work."

Allison Beaudry

Instructor, Voice
abeaudry@berklee.edu | 617-747-6244

"Being a performer, songwriter, and teacher I find that being one with the emotion of a song is the most important thing to portray in one's music."

Jennifer Beauregard

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts

"Even though you're getting a music degree, having a college degree means that you've been exposed to a whole range of different things, not just an isolated, focused study."

Ed Bedner

Professor, Piano
ebedner@berklee.edu | 617 747-8113

"As a private piano instructor, my emphasis is teaching the classical repertoire of all periods; piano technique, including tone production; and how to overcome tension and other physical problems common to pianists. Some students come with nonmedical problems of strain and pain. These students can benefit from our work on tone production to develop more freedom and control of the playing mechanism, and from repertoire carefully selected to avoid strain while gradually developing more strength."  

Larry Bell

Professor, Composition
lbell1@berklee.edu | 617-747-6023

"A solid knowledge of the fundamental techniques of hearing, writing, and playing music."

Sergio Bellotti

Assistant Professor, Percussion
sbellotti@berklee.edu | 617 747-8241

"My teaching approach is very practical; I'm not much into intellectualizing the music. I like to put my hands on the instrument with them and act like a sort of a coach on the field. I also believe our best teacher is our own body. Repetition will actually empower your body and teach you the most effective way to do what's best for you. And the drums are very physical, so when we sweat for half an hour, the body is sending messages about what to do and what not to do. It's like learning how to whistle. I wouldn't be able to teach you how to whistle. You have to try to imitate me till you get it."

Kevin Belz

Assistant Professor, Guitar
Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses)
kbelz@berklee.edu | 617-747-2738

"In my class, there's a lot of playing. I feel it's important just to play rather than writing scales on the board. The emphasis is on improvising, playing, and listening."

Pratt Bennet

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts
pbennet@berklee.edu | 617-747-8450

"My rule of thumb is very simple: whatever you're working on, make it valuable today."