e.g. "Tuba"

Fabien Aubry

faubry@berklee.edu | 617 266-1400 x3493

"For me, having a good sense of psychology and pedagogy is essential to allow students to develop their potential and to grow up with time."

John Baboian

Professor, Guitar
jbaboian@berklee.edu | 617 747-8106

"I want my students to have such a great wealth of knowledge and abilities that they can do any gig that comes before them."

Sheryl Bailey

Associate Professor, Guitar
sbailey@berklee.edu | 617 747-8407

"For me, what's important is that the material that we're dealing with in class is practical to what a real musician has to deal with. It's about developing the skills that you're really going to need to make you successful."

Steve Bailey

Chair, Bass
srbailey@berklee.edu | 617 747-6310

"My door is always open. But don't show up and want to just hang out and talk: you'd better bring your bass."

Victor Bailey

Associate Professor, Bass
vbailey@berklee.edu | 617 747-6339

"When it’s right, performing is an out-of-body experience and thinking goes out the window."

Larry Baione

Chair, Guitar
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses)
lbaione@berklee.edu | 617 747-2294

"I learn from the students, just as the students learn from me. I enjoy their individual talents, and I also enjoy the passion that the students have to learn the instrument and perform."

Graham Ball

A former marketing director for Sony and Virgin, Ball teaches concert promotion and venue management.

Linda Balliro

Associate Professor, Voice
lballiro@berklee.edu | 617 747-6902

"I’d hope that students would come away with the ability to sing the full range of their voice without manipulating or cultivating a tone, so that they sound authentic and they have a wide range of choices for what to do when they sing a song."

William C. Banfield

Professor, Liberal Arts
wbanfield@berklee.edu | 617 747-8371

"You can't know where you're going unless you know where you are, and where you came from. When you put those three things together, you have the best formula for making a successful impact on your craft and on the world of music."

Clara Barbera

Director of Student Affairs, Valencia Campus; Instructor, Valencia, Spain Campus
cbarbera@berklee.edu | 617 266-1400 x3417

"I encourage my students to develop their own voice and vocabulary by offering them tools to improvise and to construct their own movement material whilst working on their flexibility, coordination, memory, stamina, and strength."