e.g. "Tuba"

Benjamin Samama

Assistant Professor, Songwriting
bsamama@berklee.edu | 617 747-6445

"I want to inspire my students to pursue their passion, not force them to do something they’re not passionate about. So a big part of my curriculum is having them create, and push themselves to be as productive as possible with their creativity." 

Ivan Sever

Associate Professor, Songwriting
isever@berklee.edu | 617 747-2393

"I think I've been fortunate to experience firsthand the unprecedented revolution in recording technology. I still remember walking into a recording studio for the first time and feeling a kind of reverence for the place: the subdued lighting, the noiseless rush of cool air, and the smell of tape stock. I also remember witnessing my first digital recording session and being in awe of this invisible and mind-boggling new way of capturing sound."

Mark Simos

Associate Professor, Songwriting
msimos@berklee.edu | 617 747-3129

"I don't stand in front of the class dissecting students' songs. That style of critique reinforces the false notion that there is just one way of writing a good song, oriented towards following mainstream conventions. What about the song that's going to come along every once in a while—like John Hartford's Gentle On My Mind—that breaks every single rule and is a brilliant song?"