Jon Aldrich

Associate Professor, Songwriting
jaldrich@berklee.edu | 617-747-8101

"A hit song is actually somewhat formulaic—the repetitiveness, the rousing section that leads us to that ever-so-hooky thing that we call a chorus—those things seem to happen over and over in hit songs, whether we like to admit it or not."

Erin Barra

Associate Professor, Songwriting
ebarra@berklee.edu | 617-747-6913

"My teaching style is engaging. I like to make things fun and get everyone involved in the learning experience."

Sarah Brindell

Associate Professor, Songwriting
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses)
sbrindell@berklee.edu | 617-747-2745

"I want my students to understand how important it is to throw themselves into the fire, to build the confidence to go up to other musicians and say, 'Hey, I'm good; you should play with me.'"

Ben Camp

Assistant Professor, Songwriting
bcamp@berklee.edu | 617-747-6883

"Each student has unique needs in order to wrap their minds around fresh new concepts. My job is to find out what those needs are and meet them for each and every student." 

Daniel Cantor

Assistant Professor, Songwriting
dcantor@berklee.edu | 617-747-6235

"It matters not what technology you use or whether you use technology at all. All that matters is that you arrive at a recording that has the sonic and emotional impact that enhances the song."

Susan Kean Cattaneo

Associate Professor, Songwriting
scattaneo@berklee.edu | 617-747-8125

"If you want fame, that's great; that's the icing on the cake. But you really should be writing songs and making your music because you want to finesse your craft, because you have a message to deliver to the world as a songwriter."

Kara DioGuardi

Herb Alpert Visiting Scholar, Songwriting

Brian "Raydar" Ellis

Assistant Professor, Songwriting
Also affiliated with:: Ensemble
bellis1@berklee.edu | 617-747-2845

"Initially in class, musicians will be trying to show off everything they know, but hip-hop is more a process of finding that groove and locking it in, playing your role. It's really more a test of restraint."

Melissa Ferrick

Associate Professor, Songwriting
mferrick@berklee.edu | 617-747-6975

"I want to make sure that the next 17-year-old girl who doesn't know who she is yet and is terrified and is writing these songs in her bedroom, saving her own life, has a place she can go where someone’s going to say, this is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. And you’re great. Yes, play that song live for us."

Brad Hatfield

Associate Professor, Songwriting
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses)
bhatfield@berklee.edu | 617-747-8043

"I do my best to help students identify their strengths then challenge themselves to work outside their comfort zone and collaborate. I have found a team-oriented approach to be a fast track to sustained success in the field of songwriting for film and TV."