Enrique Gonzalez Müller

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“Every decision we make means something and has definite impact, so we might as well strive to make thoughtful choices and really mean what we do.”

Rob Jaczko

rjaczko@berklee.edu | 617-747-8253

"I really respond to students who are eager to learn and willing to go all out to achieve their goals."

Richard Mendelson

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"There's such a spirit of excitement, enthusiasm, and interest from the students, and it causes you to look very carefully and deeply into what you're doing. And in so doing, you get better at both roles. When I'm teacher, I'm also a recording engineer. I'm not one or the other. I find that those different roles—as an engineer and a mixer and a producer, as well as a teacher—they really feed one another."

Michael Moss

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"I teach exactly what happens in the real world, and I'll summarize what's going on in my recording studio that week—the good and the bad. I acquaint students with the business process; how we estimate how long jobs will take, how we do bids, what the competitive market place is like; how we engineer and master audio, what equipment we use. In the summer, I have an associate's program, where I'll hire four or five extra engineers from the student body, or from qualified applicants who send me resumés. I generally hire some of those students after graduation. Out of the six engineers I have working now, five of them are Berklee grads."

Ted Paduck

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"You can know every parameter of every piece of gear that you work with, but if you can't make your time in the studio enjoyable to the artist or make them feel comfortable enough to create, you're not very useful. I tell my students that the job is probably 40 percent knowledge of the gear and how it's used and 60 percent being a psychologist."

Alejandro Rodriguez

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"The big advantage of being here is to have the ability to try different types of technology—not only the latest one but the original ones at the same time. Not only the most expensive microphone but a cheap one and lots of them in between. The fact that I started my career in a third-world country and lived in another third-world country for several years gave me the perspective of being forced to work only with limited resources most of the time, trying to be creative with whatever you have, not whatever you would like to have."

Susan Rogers

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Susan Rogers worked for recording artist Prince for five years as staff engineer, and has also produced, engineered, or mixed for such diverse artists as Barenaked Ladies, David Byrne, Tricky, and Tevin Campbell.


Sean Slade

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“I hope that I’m preparing my students for a successful career while teaching them to never forget the sheer fun of making and recording music."

Jason Stokes

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"This environment is so pregnant with talent and energy. It's the center of the musical universe as far as I'm concerned." 

David Thibodeau

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