Jeff Baust

Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses)
jbaust@berklee.edu | 617-747-8585

"We don't teach just the button pushing for today's technology but how to achieve effective music and sound design with any set of tools."

Michael Bierylo

Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses)
mbierylo@berklee.edu | 617-747-8275

"I encourage creativity but [also] a firm understanding of technical and musical basics, a firm grounding."

Richard Boulanger

rboulanger@berklee.edu | 617-747-2485

"For me, music is a medium through which the inner spiritual essence of all things is revealed and shared."

Michael Brigida

mbrigida@berklee.edu | 617-747-8127

"The technology changes; the concepts do not change. The foundational concepts do not change, but it’s easy to bypass those concepts and get on to the great sounds."

Brian Cass

bcass@berklee.edu | 617-747-6353

"I want my students to understand that a good sound designer, like a good painter, has the talent to see the world in a special way, break it down, then recreate it." 

Stephen Croes

scroes@berklee.edu | 617-747-2992

"Music technology is a very interdisciplinary part of Berklee. To produce music in our studios and labs, we engage all aspects of contemporary musicianship and skills taught throughout the college, all of Berklee's essential offerings in terms of musical analysis, performance, improvisation, and composition."

Matthew Davidson

mdavidson@berklee.edu | 617-747-6352

"I spent most of my professional life in the music software industry, so I know firsthand how quickly technology evolves. I teach the generalized concepts underneath the technology so my students can apply what they learn to any future technology they’re going to encounter."

David Doms

Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses)
ddoms@berklee.edu | 617-747-8516

"It's a nice spot to be in, to be able to draw back on some of the things in the analog world, some of the physical tools we've had post–world war to now, but also to have this whole digital tool set. It's pretty incredible."

Ben Houge

bhouge@berklee.edu | 617-747-6233

"Innovation in music technology is not just about teaching tools; it’s about ideas. Tools come and go, but if you understand the underlying concepts, you’ll be able to apply them to tools that haven’t been invented yet or, even better, invent your own."