Eleanor Aversa

Assistant Professor, Composition
eaversa@berklee.edu | 617-747-6714

"Many times, a great musical moment is at once both surprising and inevitable. How do composers achieve this? By learning harmony and counterpoint, a composer knows how musical patterns and tendencies work."

Larry Bell

Professor, Composition
lbell1@berklee.edu | 617-747-6023

"A solid knowledge of the fundamental techniques of hearing, writing, and playing music."

Richard Carrick

rcarrick@berklee.edu | 617-747-6123

"I hope students walk away from my classes with a strong sense of their own value and talent, a deeper understanding of the musical traditions and styles of previous composers and artists, and a vision for how they can best use their talents to develop their own musical voice."

Ramon Castillo

Assistant Professor, Composition
rpcastillo@berklee.edu | 617-747-6024

"When I compose music, I don't think about all the rules I was taught in my classes, but with every single note I have some awareness of why I chose that particular pitch and that particular rhythm."

Orlando Cela

Assistant Professor, Composition
ocela@berklee.edu | 617-747-6526

"I wish for my students to understand that, in any musical collaboration, they should bring the best out of every person they work with. They must understand that not even a conductor has all the right answers, and that's OK."

Tiffany Chang

Assistant Professor, Composition
tchang2@berklee.edu | 617-747-6439

"Every skill and concept in music is connected. When you absorb ideas like a sponge, that’s what makes that large web clearer and clearer."

Alla Elana Cohen

Associate Professor, Composition
aecohen@berklee.edu | 617-747-8370

"The main thing in teaching composition is to create an atmosphere in which the natural gifts of the students flourish."

Beth Denisch

Professor, Composition
Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses)
bdenisch@berklee.edu | 617-747-2809

"Improvisation is a very big part of teaching. When I see that light bulb go off in a student's head, it makes my day."

Marti Epstein

Professor, Composition
Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses)
mepstein@berklee.edu | 617-747-8167

"You have to develop really good writing skills before the technology will work for you in the way it's supposed to. And live performance, the human element, is so intangible but so necessary and so exciting."