Liberal Arts Faculty

DJ Hatfield

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-6017

"That kind of synergy—thinking about music and making new music—is what I want to push forward."

Michael Heyman

Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-8510

"Behind the fun and craziness of literary nonsense is a rigorous sense of aesthetics and a bedrock of intelligent and constructive rebellion—a way of questioning the status quo and an outlet for individual, creative thought."

Rob Hochschild

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts

Andrew Jarboe

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-6442

"I rely on a combination of whole-class and small-group instruction. I create a space for guided and independent practice. I emphasize the close reading of primary and secondary texts as well as note-taking and analytical writing."

Meredith Jordan Rose

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-6451

"By the end of my course, I want students to feel confident expressing their ideas and offering constructive feedback on each other's work."

Sheila Katz

Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-8434

"I'm always teaching history in a way that plugs in with questions people need to ask themselves as human beings."

Teodros Kiros

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-2877

"Philosophy provides a purpose, a meaning, and an appreciation for thinking that musicians need to be aware of."

Erica Knowles

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-6858

"Music is a fantastic vehicle for teaching psychology in that it incorporates aspects of perception, memory, learning, emotion, social interaction, and our individual personalities."

Douglas Kohn

Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-8491

"I tell my students that language is an instrument; it's something you practice, develop, and refine."

Lori Landay

Professor, Liberal Arts
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-2747

"In Language of Film I give students a three-part project. Their first assignment is to write an original screenplay of a scene or short-short film, and write a paper about it. Next they storyboard their screenplay and write a paper about that. In the third assignment, we improvise a scene and shoot some footage, which they edit together on their laptops; then they write a paper about editing. Students learn about how people make choices, and film scoring students gain insight into the directors with whom they have to communicate. It's probably the most exciting thing I've done at Berklee."

Victoria Large

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-6406

"There are some great intersections between music and literature, and the creative process that goes into that. There’s a kind of music to language."

Haidee Lorrey

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-8306

"It's interesting to see how students who did not experience events like Vietnam or even the first Gulf War compare their prior conceptions to the perspectives we look at."

Alex Ludwig

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-6485

"Fostering inspiration is the only guarantee that my students will continue learning throughout their career at Berklee and the rest of their lives."

Wayne Marshall

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-6826

"I am always generally seeking to model a form of critical listening and rigorous inquiry that students can bring to all manner of other studies and encounters with music."

Mike Mason

Assistant Chair, Liberal Arts | 617-747-2991

"Everything is interrelated and interconnected…everything from family life to music to school to career."

Rekha Menon

Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-2216

"My philosophy of teaching is to understand the student and try to unlock their innate critical abilities, their socio-centric skills, and encourage them on their intellectual journey."

Gary Miller

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-8175

"I would like my students to know that history is important, and that what happened in the past still has a very direct impact on the world we live in today."

Susanne Moebus-Bergeron

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts

"I would like my students to gain an appreciation for the visual arts and an understanding of how artists have responded and still are responding to the demands of their time."

Sumalee Passaretti

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts

"I think language is a tool for students to discover the world around themselves or even a world within themselves."

C. Pat Pattison

Professor, Liberal Arts
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-8308

"Our curriculum takes what I call the Nautilus approach to songwriting. You isolate the muscle and work on it. Everything about the major, at least at the beginning, is about isolation. The first step is to separate the lyric component from the music component, which isn't to say that we talk about melody without talking about lyric, or lyric without melody, because often you can't separate them . . . Of course, we try not to lose the focus that this is about creativity. We try to emphasize as strongly as possible that all these technical tools we teach are simply in the service of the ideas and emotions that you're trying to convey."

Patricia Peknik

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-3101

"I had a student one semester who said to me, 'I feel so much better knowing that the things I struggle with now are questions that people have always struggled with.' History teaches us to know ourselves."

Rebecca Perricone

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-8844

"In my classes I emphasize that performing is an offering of the heart."

Simone Pilon | 617-747-6329

"I try to have a very open classroom in the sense that I like the students to feel very comfortable to participate."

Beth Platow

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts | 617-747-3113

"I like that my colleagues are teaching such different things, and I think it's a great opportunity for faculty and students to do cross-learning and to collaborate and work together."

Mark Polanzak

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts

"It's all about communication and connection, expression. So when they learn, 'I can communicate through writing,' they go back and transfer it to music."