Brass Faculty

Ken Cervenka

Professor, Brass | 617-747-8140

"No matter how musical and excited and talented and creative you might be in terms of what you can play, if you can't produce the sound, you're going to be really limited."

John Faieta

Associate Professor, Brass | 617-747-3099

"If the students decide they want to be a performance person or they don't, it doesn't really matter. The point is, they're learning a discipline. It contributes to their work ethic, which influences everything they do."

Christine Fawson

Assistant Professor/Chair Representative, Brass | 617-747-8304

"I'm practicing things that I want to be able to explain to my students, because you can't be a hypocrite. You're totally responsible for what you're saying."

Marshall Gilkes

Assistant Professor, Brass | 617-747-6519

"I want students to work on material that helps bridge the gap between their ear and their slide."

Charles Lewis

Associate Professor, Brass | 617-747-8475

"My mission is to help the student produce as good a sound as possible with the least amount of effort, and enable them to add their sound to any musical situation of their choosing."

Tiger Okoshi

Professor, Brass | 617-747-8327

"The way I associate with a student is to create a relationship, one-by-one. So for me it takes a lot of time to see what is the best effort I can make for each individual student who comes here."

Tom Plsek

Chair Emeritus, Brass | 617-747-2291

"They come with so much enthusiasm, so many different backgrounds and cultures, and such a range of abilities and experiences. Each one is a challenge to teach."

Richard "Gus" Sebring

Professor, Brass | 617-747-6252

"Developing the students talents and encouraging them to find and follow their own passion is one of the greatest joys of my life."

Jeff Stout

Professor, Brass | 617-747-2297

"What excites me the most about teaching is coming in contact with talented, young players who are eager to learn and keep me sharp as a player."

Phil Wilson

Professor, Brass | 617-747-2244

"Teaching is also like watching your garden blossom. You can actually feel the growth and the realization."