Contemporary Writing and Production Faculty

Loudon Stearns

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-8606

"Teaching's just a matter of chatting with more friends."

Jeri Sykes | 617-747-8670

"I try to expose students to music that they may not have heard."

Chrissy Tignor Fisher

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-2479

"I want students to be able to experience what it's actually going to be like in the real world versus just a classroom setting."

Nicholas Urie | 617-747-6340

"I try to help my students understand arranging not as a set of rules to follow, but as a set of tools to help them further their aesthetic."

David Zoffer | 617-747-6030

"I want students to be aware of the big picture when they're making music, so that it's not just a bunch of little exercises—they're thinking about how the whole piece of music fits together."