Contemporary Writing and Production Faculty

Loudon Stearns

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-8606

"I like making the content for the online classes. It's a more relaxed atmosphere, just sitting in your office deciding how best to present this material. Is it best presented with a video, with a piece of text, with a custom app that Berkleemusic makes for me? Some of the things I do online I can't do in the classroom. I do a series of videos where the student sees my hands on the keyboard, sees the Ableton program right there, and it has my voiceover. In the classroom I don't have a camera guy at my back. Another of the things I do is like a VH1 pop-up video. You watch the waveform of the tune, but every time that I hear something important, a little observation pops up."

Jeri Sykes | 617-747-8670

"I try to expose students to music that they may not have heard."

Chrissy Tignor Fisher | 617-747-2479

"I want students to be able to experience what it's actually going to be like in the real world versus just a classroom setting. I want their work to be able to used either as a portfolio or as professional work. Maybe if they've never done technology before, by the end of my class they'll be able to excel in that, or at least be able to get work in that field, because the most important thing, especially for Contemporary Writing and Production majors, is being able to be versatile, and being able to do several different things."

Nicholas Urie | 617-747-6340

"I try to help my students understand arranging not as a set of rules to follow, but as a set of tools to help them further their aesthetic."

David Zoffer | 617-747-6030

"I want students to be aware of the big picture when they're making music, so that it's not just a bunch of little exercises—they're thinking about how the whole piece of music fits together."