Summer Residential Internship Program in New York City: FAQs

Which majors are eligible to apply?

This program is open to all majors, but will not fulfill degree and licensing requirements for music therapy and music education students.

How many Berklee credits is this program worth?

Students have the option of enrolling in a two-credit internship (IN-493) or a six-credit internship (IN-499). The internship courses combine onsite internship hours with academic assignments and weekly workshops led by prominent industry leaders.

What semester do I need to be to participate in this program?

You are eligible if you have completed five semesters and/or 50 Berklee credits.

Am I eligible for federal financial aid if I participate in this program?

Students interested in obtaining financial aid for this program must apply specifically for financial aid that applies to the summer term. Check with your financial aid advisor for details. If you attend Berklee on a scholarship, please check with the Office of Student Financial Services to determine whether your scholarship will cover any or all of your participation in the Summer Internship Program in New York City.

Can Berklee alumni participate in this program?

Yes, but if there are more applications than space available in the program, priority will be given to currently enrolled students.

Can international students participate in this program?

Yes, upon approval of your international advisor and by adhering to all visa regulations.

Will any student employment (work-study) positions be available in New York?

No, there will be no student employment positions available.

If I am a music business major, will IN-493 or IN-499 fulfill my internship requirement?

Yes, both courses may fulfill the music business internship requirement by means of Credit by Exam (CBX), pending department chair approval. For more details, ask the OEL or your department chair.

Can I do this internship in addition to XX-495 and IN-103?

Yes, you may only participate in the Summer Internship Program in NYC once, but may complete it in addition to the Major Specific Internship (XX-495) and the Internship Certificate Program (IN-103). Keep in mind that XX-495 and IN-103 can be completed in New York during the fall or spring semesters if a summer internship does not fit your schedule.

Will I need a car while in New York?

No. New York City has an excellent public transportation system. The cost of transportation is the responsibility of the student.

Where will I live?

All Berklee housing in New York City will be in non-smoking apartments in the Saint George Weller building in Brooklyn Heights. Brooklyn Heights is a great neighborhood, only one subway stop from Manhattan. The dorm-style furnished housing is owned by Educational Housing Services. To learn more, visit the St. George Weller site.

My parents live in New York City. Can I waive the provided Berklee housing?

Living together as a cohort of students provides a safe and comfortable living/learning community that supports educational, career, emotional, and social development/growth. We require all students that participate in this program to live in the housing provided by Berklee.

However, if you have a parent/guardian that lives in New York City, are age 24 or older, or have a disability which requires accommodations that Educational Housing Services is not able to provide, you may petition to have the housing requirement waived. Please see the Office of Experiential Learning for more information and to pick up a Housing Petition form.

Are meals included in the housing cost?

No, you are responsible for your own meals. There are microwaves and refrigerators in each room at the Saint George Weller and a full kitchen is available for student use in the building's common area.

Is interning a good way to get a job?

Internships provide both important learning and networking opportunities for students. While the primary objective for any internship is a learning experience, many students have reported being offered a job or another internship at the company where they interned.

Do programs like this exist in other cities?

Berklee's Office of Experiential Learning also facilitates summer internship programs in London and Los Angeles. Additionally, you may participate in the Major Specific Internship (XX-495) or Internship Certificate Program (IN-103) in any city of your choice during the summer, fall, or spring semester (housing not included). See the Office of Experiential Learning for more details.

If you have more questions, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning.

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