Responsibilities for Student Participation

It is the student's responsibility to seek guidance and counseling from the internship coordinator and to play an active and proactive role in the internship search process. He or she is also responsible for:

  1. Completing and understanding all of the necessary forms to be considered for program participation.
  2. Becoming familiar with, and utilizing the many available resources in, seeking an internship.
  3. Becoming acquainted with the policies and procedures of the employer upon acceptance of an internship.
  4. Drafting a clear objective for his or her internship and providing suggestions and input about the process by which he or she would like to be evaluated during the internship.
  5. Students are required to treat an organization's affairs as confidential and with respect.
  6. A student may contact the internship coordinator to address any concerns before, during, or after the internship.

All internships must be completed for the duration of time agreed upon by the student, the OEL, and the employer. However, the internship may be adjusted or terminated by mutual agreement of the internship supervisor, the OEL, and student. It is important to note that participation in the internship program is a reflection on all parties involved. Therefore, any violations of any part of the guidelines could jeopardize the high standards by which we govern ourselves.