The responsibility of the host organization is to provide the intern with adequately supervised and varied professional work experience. These experiences should include but not be limited to performing functions that have increasing responsibilities over time. As a means of heightening the learning experience, interns may be assigned a project and/or a responsibility requiring a level of decision-making that increases their understanding of course work learned. Employers should expose interns to high-level management and place emphasis on mentorship.

A mentor/supervisor will be an individual who assigns projects to the intern, monitors work performance, lends guidance, and acts as the immediate contact person throughout the intern's employment with the company. The mentor will provide periodic and final evaluations for the intern. The mentor is the individual who will contact the internship coordinator to address any concerns before, during, and after the internship.

What are our Expectations of the Site?

  • Provide whatever training the intern needs to understand the organization's culture and methods of task completion.
  • Assign any readings that would assist the intern in understanding your work.
  • Inform the intern of any special insurance requirements.
  • Assist the student in completing the learning contract provided by Office of Experiential Learning.

All internships must be completed for the duration of time agreed upon by the student, the OEL, and the employer. However, the internship may be terminated by mutual agreement of the internship supervisor, mentor, and student. It is important to note that participation in the internship program is a reflection on all parties involved. Therefore, any violations of any part of the guidelines could jeopardize the high standards by which we govern ourselves.