Faculty Information


Faculty members are encouraged to speak with students about the advantages of doing an internship. This is best done early in the student's Berklee career.

To be considered an internship candidate, students must meet with the Office of Experiential Learning and meet all stated requirements.

Students need academic approval to begin the internship process. Questions to ask about this student include:

  • Is this student a good candidate for an internship now?
  • Is this student adequately prepared within the discipline for an internship experience?
  • Can my colleagues or I vouch for this student's ability and motivation?
  • What are this student's particular abilities and interests?

The academic department will be asked to act on the student's application brought to them by the student.

Faculty should urge students to come to the OEL to investigate many internship opportunities. This should be done well in advance of the term in which the student seeks to do an internship.

Faculty members are encouraged to recommend other options not available at the OEL.