Alumni Internship Candidates

Berklee undergraduate alumni who have obtained their diploma or bachelor’s degree are eligible to enroll in the IN-299 Internship in Music and Entertainment course within 18 months of their graduation date following the same process as currently enrolled undergraduate students. 

Internship Course Registration Eligibility for Non-Matriculated Berklee Candidates

Berklee’s internship office, the Office of Experiential Learning (OEL), defines a “non-matriculated” candidate as someone who has not completed a Berklee College of Music degree or diploma and is not an actively enrolled, or “current,” student. A current student, who is not attending college courses during the summer break but who will return in the fall, continues to be considered a current and actively enrolled student.

Requirements for Berklee Internships for Non-Matriculated Candidates

The OEL will work with non-matriculated candidates who are not actively enrolled at Berklee to register for internship credit if they meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates must have completed two full-time semesters at Berklee  (with a minimum 12 credits in core courses).
  • Candidates must register for the internship credits no more than seven months from the date of the last semester they were actively enrolled.
  • Candidates must have been in good standing (maintaining satisfactory progress) while attending Berklee. Any candidate with an enrollment hold or judicial hold will not be eligible.
  • Candidate must not be attending another college/university.


The OEL director reserves the right to accept or deny eligibility/participation of any candidate in our internship courses/programs.