Employer Participation in Berklee Internships

As an internship supervisor to a Berklee College of Music student, your responsibilities include:

  • providing whatever training the intern needs to understand your organization’s culture and methods of task completion;

  • assigning any readings that you feel would assist the intern in understanding your work;

  • making the intern aware of your organization’s insurance policy and informing the intern of any special insurance requirements for your environment;

  • complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act;

  • assisting the student in completing the learning contract (form provided by Berklee’s Office of Experiential Learning);

  • signing off on the student’s log of internship hours;

  • speaking with a representative from the Office of Experiential Learning over the phone or during a mid-semester site visit to further evaluate the student’s progress; and

  • completing an evaluation(s) of the student’s performance (forms are provided by Berklee’s Office of Experiential Learning).


Please note: Per the U.S. Department of Labor and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Berklee College of Music internship employers must provide a wage and/or require their Berklee intern to enroll in academic credit for their work. For more information, please read National Association of Colleges and Employer (NACE) position papers on compensation and unpaid internships.

The OEL encourages our intern employers who are not in the non-profit sector to consider the possibility of paying their Berklee interns. 

Internship Location

Berklee students can complete internships in the Boston area or in other areas of the U.S. Berklee has interns in New York City, Los Angeles, Nashville, and many other major cities across the country. 

Academic Calendar

Internships will follow the same semester system that is in place for all students. Students may participate in a fall, spring, or summer internship.