Berklee Summer in the CitySkyBridge

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Wednesday / August 27, 2014 / 12:30 p.m.
Harvard Longwood Campus
25 Shattuck Street

SkyBridge is a band and project with diversity. Established in the city of Boston in Spring 2013 by the vocalist and composer Utako Toyama, a Japanese student at Berklee College of Music, SkyBridge symbolizes the rainbow. The rainbow is composed of color rings and connects two points like a bridge; just like that, we are from different origins, but we are all connected with our smiles, a common language. The project has a longterm goal, which is to spread music globally, sharing the concept of "Although We Look so Different, We ALL Smile the Same.'' The purpose is to promote equality and friendship among citizens of the globe.

Band members come from America, Australia, Ireland, Kenya, and Japan. With four vocalists, a pianist, guitarist, bassist, and two marketing, promotion, and band strategy specialists, all members are students at Berklee College of Music or Boston University. These young souls wish to make a difference to the world through their expertise in and passion for music.

SkyBridge music ranges from pop and R&B to reggae, jazz, soul, and funk. Through the exchange of culture, language, and ideas, Sky Bridge brings music that serves a warm message for the global community.

We look forward to see you in our next performance. We also welcome you to contact us for performance opportunities and sponsorship chances.