RAUMexpanded Wolfgang Torkler & Bertram Lehmann Duo

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Thursday / October 11, 2012 / 8:00 p.m.
United States

Boston-based percussionist Bertram Lehmann joins forces with visiting German pianist Wolfgang Torkler for the debut of their first duo-project entitled RAUMexpanded, as well as an introspective trio encounter featuring multi-instrumentalist Mehmet Sanlikol from Turkey.

Mr. Lehmann and Torkler, who met in the mid-1990's while pursuing studies at Berklee College of Music, will present an original repertoire of musical miniatures and meditative sonic explorations traversing the aesthetic realms of jazz, modern classical, and non-western genres.

Immersing the audience into a serene musical space (RAUM) where formal minimalism, textural restraint, and melodic sobriety are allowed to gain the upper hand, RAUMexpanded pursues a joint vision of a genre-defying, reposeful chamber music incorporating acoustic piano, a diverse array of world percussion, as well as Turkish classical and folk instruments.


Wolfgang Torkler - acoustic piano
Bertram Lehmann - percussion, cymbals, gongs, marimbula
Mehmet Ali Sanlikol - oud, saz, ney, voice, duduk

This performance will be followed by the recording of the ensemble's first CD effort, to be released in early 2013.

Tickets are $12