Puerto Candelaria

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Friday / March 8, 2013 / 1:00 p.m.
Berk Recital Hall
1140 Boylston Street

Puerto Candelaria performs as part of the Latin Music and Culture Celebration.

Puerto Candelaria was born in Medellín, Colombia in 2000, from the miraculous meeting of six talented musicians, grouped together and guided by genius composer Juancho Valencia to create a totally new and original musical show to be heard and seen in Colombia. But Puerto Candelaria is also a sonorous imaginary and real place. It is home to the members of the group and to all of those who enjoy traveling with the sound of Puerto. Its founders never imagined that a decade later, their idea would become the most daring, controversial, and innovative musical project of recent times in Colombia. Puerto Candelaria bases its sound in popular Colombian rhythms, full of imagination and fantastic realism, which provoke the senses and awake emotions in their public around the world, thus establishing the group as one of the greatest representatives of music in Colombia. Puerto Candelaria is the founder of contradictory rhythms like cumbia underground or jazz a lo Colombiano, which come together in their music and make Puerto one of the most representative Colombian groups and responsible for making a place for their country in the global market of jazz, experimental, and world music. '

Puerto Candelaria has had more than one million people attend their concerts during 30 international tours, which took them to more than 60 cities in Central America, South America, Europe and Asia. This extensive schedule of concerts and corporate events, the group's record album sales for the independent market, and its ability to influence new generations of musicians make Puerto Candelaria, along with Merlin Studios Producciones (its producer and its home), a cultural industry model to new generations of artists in Colombia. In its history of 12 years, Puerto Candelaria has produced four albums, rich in local and foreign sounds. In their last album, they take their cumbia underground and make it into a rebellious sound called cumbia rebelde.

The Candelarios captivate their audience with their experimental sounds. Their shows are full of joy and explore the absurd and the everyday matters, the laughter and the trascendence, along with rhythm, dance, and the most important: an exuberant explosion of the Colombian cultural richess, which is experienced every time Puerto Candelaria plays. Puerto CAldelaria is Juancho Valencia, direction and keyboards; Eduardo González, bass and voice; José Tobón, saxophone; Cristian Ríos, trombone; Didier Martínez, percussion 1; Juan Guillermo Aguilar, percussion 2; Juan Felipe Arango, manager and executive productor; and Gabriel Vallejo, audio engineer.