Summer in the CityMayah Dyson

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Wednesday / August 23, 2017 / 12:30 p.m.
Harvard Longwood Campus
25 Shattuck Street
United States
Mayah Dyson
Image courtesy of the artist

Singer-songwriter Mayah Dyson is also an actress, dancer, and model, born and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia. She discovered her musical talents early and began performing at the age of 7. She is currently a junior at Berklee College of Music where she is working on her artistry. One of her most recent stepping stones toward her solo music career is being selected for Kelly Rowland's first season of Chasing Destiny which aired in 2016. Through Rowland, Dyson was also given the opportunity to perform with Solange during her first appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Watch Mayah Dyson perform "I Miss You":