Luis D'Elias

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Sunday / August 4, 2013 / 1:00 p.m.
Spectacle Island
Boston Harbor Islands
Luis D'Elias
Photo by Pamela Hersch

Venezuelan musician and guitar player Luis D’Elias got into music at age 14 when, for the first time after mandatory music lessons, a teacher motivated him to develop his musical skills. At that moment, he began studies at the Olga Lopez Conservatory, where he took two years of classical training in different areas such as piano, guitar, and choir. Later, he participated in the 2004 Berklee Summer Performance Program, which got him into jazz theory and contemporary music.

Afterward, D'Elias enrolled at the Taller de Jazz Caracas, founded by renowned bass player Oscar Fanega, where he began developing his skills in different areas of jazz under the guidance of musicians like Pedro Barboza, Luca Vincenzetti, and Hugo Fuguet, each very well known within the Venezuelan music scene.

At the same time, he was undertaking studies in electronic engineering at the prestigious Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, Venezuela, from which he received a bachelor’s degree with honors in 2011. Right after that, he applied to Berklee College of Music for full-time studies. He obtained a partial scholarship and is now pursuing a double diploma in film scoring and electronic production and design.

As a composer, he has already scored 10 student short films, most recently a full-length documentary titled El Camino de La Voluntad. He also has experience with video game scoring and creating underscores for different types of visual media. As a performer, he has shared the stage with Venezuelan artists like Francisco Vielma, Diego Maldonado, and Fabio Rojas. In addition, he has experience as a pit musician for different musical theater productions.

D'Elias has also been the bandleader of Venezuelan prog-rock band Systaltic and later of his own band, with whom he recorded his first demo as a solo jazz artist in 2010. Now he is working as an arranger for several musical theater productions at Berklee and leading a new band in order to showcase his own music, which is a blend of traditional Venezuelan influences mixed with contemporary jazz and rock. Currently, he is part of the roster for 2013’s Jazz Revelation Records' upcoming CD, Catalyst.