Isis Lune

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Wednesday / July 24, 2013 / 12:30 p.m.
Harvard Longwood Campus
25 Shattuck Street
Isis Lune
Faye Nightingale

Isis Lune is a Boston-based group formed at Berklee College of Music. Led by Israeli vocalist Ella Joy Meir, the band creates a unique soundscape that combines electronic textures with a raw human element. Titles such as "In the Belly of a Whale" and "Bring Me the Moon" submerge the listener in their world, a realm of demons and magic, of vast oceans and endless skylines. The band’s music reflects its members' eclectic musical backgrounds ranging from classical to ethnic, from jazz to rock and R&B.

Isis Lune is Ella Joy Meir, vocals and piano; Asher Kurtz, guitar; Ran Gil, keys; Aaron Liao, bass; and Tim Merle, drums.