Summer in the CityInna Dudukina

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Wednesday / August 16, 2017 / 12:30 p.m.
Harvard Longwood Campus
25 Shattuck Street
United States
Inna Dudukina
Image courtesy of the artist

Born in the heart of Siberia, Inna Dudukina is a contemporary jazz and Russian vocalist, pianist, and composer. Dudukina has developed her passion for music since her early days. In addition to her classical studies in Russia, and jazz studies at Berklee, Dudukina was influenced by Eastern European and Middle Eastern music, leading to experimentations in fusing those genres with modal jazz and then later, with rock. Her performance technique, backed with perfect pitch and soulful playing, has garnered attention and praise from her peers as well as specialized critics and fellow musicians. In her writing she specializes in incorporating Eastern harmonies, particularly Balkan diatonic music techniques, with Western film scoring traditions and multimedia performance settings.

Watch Inna Dudukina perform with Dashina: