Berklee Summer in the City IAN

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Friday / June 26, 2015 / 12:00 p.m.
The Lawn on D
420 D Street
United States
Image courtesy of the artist

When IAN releases a new tape of their sad-girl anthems, there is a whole lot to be happy about. Thanks to the magic of BUFU Records, the band’s quiet bedroom pop is taken out of the bedroom and moved into the garage. Equipped with a full band, the songs are filled out with fuzzier, grungier sound. By embracing a bit more noisiness, IAN creates determined energy, and the songs deliver the emotions behind them with confidence. Yet they are more than just garage-set rock, and the tracks use little tricks to give them unique, dreamy qualities. There are songs with erratic rhythms and jangly bridges. Some have whirly distortion and feedback. With deliberately struck chords, the melancholy mood is set even on the most upbeat tracks.