Francisco Vielma: A Small Journey to Barlovento, Venezuela and Its Rhythms

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Friday / April 5, 2013 / 4:00 p.m.
Berk Recital Hall
1140 Boylston Street



Francisco Vielma demonstrates the pattern of the culo 'e puya and the fulia drum as individual instruments and how they interact in an ensemble. He will also talk briefly about the history of the drums, and will explain how to apply these rhythms on the drum set and in a contemporary music ensemble. This material is targeted for all music fields: performance, arranging, composing and producing.

Percussionist/arranger/composer Francisco Vielma was born in Mérida, Venezuela. He began singing in a choir at the age of 10, studied music theory and Venezuelan cuatro at the University of the Andes Conservatory, and studied percussion with Omar Olviero. Vielma studied composition at the University of Arts and percussion at Caracas Free Percussion Cathedra in Venezuela. 

Vielma played with the Mérida Junior Symphonic Orchestra for 3 years while also a member of the Ensamble Kimbandú, with whom he made research trips to study the music of Yaracuy, Carabobo, and Zulia, in Venezuela. He has been involved in recording projects, tours, and concerts with celebrated Venezuelan musicians such as Alfredo Naranjo, Pablo Gil, Leo Blanco, and María Rivas. In the United States, he has performed with the Paul Winter Consort and Luis Enrique.

Francisco Vielma released an album, Inesperado, with his band Nuevas Almas. Vielma's new project, Panela Ensamble, showcases some of Venezuela's most important songwriters.