Berklee BeanTown Jazz FestivalFederator N°1

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Saturday / September 27, 2014 / 12:00 p.m.
Beantown Stage
Columbus Ave.
United States
Federator N°1

Federator N° 1 is a big band playing up-tempo Afrobeat and reggae that will make you dance while also delivering a message.

This 12-piece band includes three horns, two vocalists, keys, guitar, bass, three percussionists, and a dancer. The lineup includes Berklee professors, globe-trotting musicians, teachers, fathers, software developers, activists, cooks, and poets—all of whom are dedicated to presenting an exceptional live Afrobeat experience featuring originals and arrangements of familiar tunes. The band balances that which is deeply traditional with that which is unapologetically modern, and advances the power of music to speak to today’s culture, politics, and people. Come free your body and mind with Federator N°1.