Family Photo

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Thursday / July 25, 2013 / 6:00 p.m.
Institute of Contemporary Art
Putnam Investment Plaza, 100 Northern Avenue
Family Photo

Family Photo takes complex vocal harmonies and arrangements and weaves them into popular song structures. The group seamlessly glides between genres, incorporating musical styles from jazz and pop to the more obscure corners of rock and neoclassicism. They tie it all together into an energetic performance, creating a sound that speaks to the band's relentless search of uncharted, sonic territory.

Family Photo began in the summer of 2011 in Sacramento, California, when five high school friends returned from their respective colleges to embark on a new musical journey. Since then, the band has released two EPs, spent a month-long residency at ArtHouse Live in Los Angeles, and toured up and down the coast of California. The members of the group are Zach Giberson, Zach Darf, Derek Sup, Jarrett Tracy, and Nathan Swedlow. Along the way of their two-year adventure, they've had the fortune to collaborate and record with some of their most talented friends and schoolmates. This summer, the band resides in Boston, playing shows, planning prospective tours, and continually working to produce and release music out into the world.