Drunken Logic / Midnight Snack / Rocket and the Ghost

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Saturday / April 12, 2014 / 8:00 p.m.
Red Room at Cafe 939
939 Boylston Street

Formed in Boston in early 2012, Drunken Logic has evolved into an eclectic mix of alternative rock, indie folk, classic rock, and tasteful pop, with topical lyrics. Since the release of its debut album, Something New to Burn, less than a year ago, this quintet has rocked AT&T Park in San Francisco, become regular featured performers at Faneuil Hall, and was named RAW:Boston’s Musicians of the Year for 2013. From folky ruminations on growing up to bluesy barn-burners about corporate greed, Drunken Logic creates and reinvents while challenging contemporary culture — and having far too much fun doing it.

Watch Drunken Logic's video for "Something New To Burn" here:

Midnight Snack beats energetically through syncopation-laden, heavily jazz-tinged rock grooves and then floats through a sweet ballad soundscape. These musical extremes are stitched together with passionate lyricism, visceral drum fills, buoyant brass and guitar lines, anchors of interlocking piano chords, and sweeping bass lines. This is one of the few bands that can inspire the audience with poetic images of love, loss, and beauty, while making them dance to the rhythm and soul of it all.

Calling Rocket and the Ghost a “rock band” would be the easiest way to categorize them, but not necessarily the most accurate. They have all the proper elements: thunderous drums, booming bass, the fuzz and wail of two electric guitars, and it’s clear that they enjoy rock 'n' roll music of the '60s and '70s. The arrangements are carefully constructed yet wildly dynamic; the band will whisper in your ear one minute and holler at you from the top of a mountain the next. The band's songs draw as comfortably from 1920s Americana as they do from millennial pop music without losing their fundamental garage grit. At their heart, they are folk songs that tell stories.

$8 general admission