Berklee Electronica Showcase

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Thursday / April 21, 2011 / 7:00 p.m.
Red Room at Cafe 939
939 Boylston Street
United States

Berklee College of Music and Together Boston present the Electronica Club at Cafe 939. Original student work will be performed: Fat Camp's glitch hip-hop, the thumping rhythms of AEROJET, the improvised dance of Phonoride, and the visual extravaganza of Javier Cruz. The Berklee Electronica Club is a student-run organization that holds seminars, workshops, guest lectures, and concerts from students and artists around the world. Experience the rising stars of tomorrow's electronic scene.

Curated by Austin Stone and Tyler Randall, Phonoride is a social experiment for collaborating artists and producers to perform improvised electronic music. Artists from Boston to New York compile sonic gestures, audio programming environments, and dance remixes in Phonoride's live performances. Phonoride ties in the enticing structure of John Zorn game pieces with the heightened production integrity of Daft Punk. Expect a palette of edgy dance rhythms with savory improvised melodies and submersible timbres.

Fat Camp is the stage name of Boston-based musician Clark Burkhardt. With influences spanning producers like Dimlite, Madlib, and J Dilla to composers and instrumentalists like Alice Coltrane and Wes Montgomery, Fat Camp's glitch-hop beats are as accessible as they are unpredictable. Performing an all-original electronic set with a laptop and two controllers, Fat Camp consistently gets crowds bouncing at warehouses, loft spaces, 
house parties and clubs in and around Boston.

Aerojet is the solo project of Joel Friedman, the sound designer and producer who represents one half of the Boston-based laptop duo known as Dice Motion. Fusing glitch aesthetics with warped field recordings, modern classical harmonies, jingles, jangles, noisy tape loops, and liquid hip-hop beats, the Aerojet sound is thick with ear candy. Whether rummaging through the past for buried sonic treasures, recording and mangling sounds of the present, or voyaging into futuristic landscapes, Aerojet leads the listener into a minefield of sonic exploration.

Javier Cruz is a composer, vocalist, songwriter, self-taught visual artist and software programmer, and multi-instrumentalist. Having played music for over 20 years, Cruz has performed throughout the United States and in Germany, and will be earning his B.A. in electronic production and design from Berklee in December of 2011. Cruz's visual art is an amalgam of his software programming and 3D design skills, building colorful, psychedelic pieces that retain an integral level of sophistication. His music ranges from soulful songwriting to schizophrenic, playful, and often sweet electronic compositions juxtaposed between groove and bass dance tunes. Cruz strives to create music that is accessible to a variety of audiences and simultaneously challenges their sonic palettes.