Berklee Summer Concert SeriesThe Jazz Tellers

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Sunday / July 24, 2011 / 1:00 p.m.
Spectacle Island
Boston Harbor Islands
United States
The Jazz Tellers

The Jazz Tellers comprises Berklee seventh-semester students Clay Lyons (alto sax), Lee Dynes (guitar), and Nate Wong (drums). Lyons and Dynes hold full-tuition scholarships and Wong is a World Scholarship Tour recipient.

During their young careers, the individual members of this group have already played many professional gigs and received awards and scholarship including awards from the IAJE, NASCAP, IMEA, and Berklee. Over the summer of 2010 the Jazz Tellers brought their energy-packed, spontaneous improvisations, and intricate originals to audiences around the world in a tour that spanned Ohio, Wisconsin, California, Hong Kong, and China. On this tour they performed more than 30 engagements in two months, including many club and concert hall dates, live radio performances, and live TV performances, and were written about in major newspapers at every stop of the tour.