Write of Spring: Jazz Composition Department Faculty Concert

Wednesday / February 27, 2008 / 7:15 p.m.
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Avenue
United States

As in past years, this concert features original works of Jazz Composition Department faculty Scott Free, Jeff Friedman, Richard Lowell, Jackson Schultz and Bill Scism. This year's concert will also feature invited faculty composers Winnie Dahlgren and Darrell Katz from the Harmony Department. Most of the performers in this concert have played in this series since its inception. Many are faculty, but we are pleased to have some of Berklee’s outstanding student players added to fill the few holes in the band. In the trumpet section we have Casey Brefka, Jeff Perry, Ken Pullig, and Brian Lewis. The sax section is comprised of Daniel Ian Smith and Arthur Felluca on alto, and Dino Govoni and Bob Patton on tenor, with Ben Whiting playing baritone. Playing trombone are Bob Pilkington, Dave Harris, Robynn Amy, and Jason Camelio. In the driving rhythm section we have Bruce Thomas on piano, Scott Free on guitar, Winnie Dahlgren playing the vibes, and Mark Poniatowski on bass, with Bob Tamagni playing drums and Ricardo Monzon on percussion. This is one of Berklee’s premier concerts, a not-to-be missed event.