Music Therapy Technology Symposium

Tuesday / April 5, 2011 / 9:00 a.m.
David Friend Recital Hall
921 Boylston Street
United States

This one-day symposium will highlight the latest developments in music and assistive technology. Visionary thinkers will present their work as it pertains to the practice of music therapy and music education for those with special needs. Although the day will focus on music therapy practice, emphasis will be given to interdisciplinary collaboration as an essential part of clinical services where technology is employed.

Drawing on the longstanding experience of expert clinicians and educators, the symposium will provide knowledge which extends beyond that offered by current training programs. Clinical presentations will focus on how technologies are applied to
address the goals and needs of clients/patients/students in clinical settings. 

Experiential demonstrations will take place in order for attendees to gain hands-on experience in technologies being discussed e.g. Garageband; Switch in Time/Switch Jam/Switch ensemble software; assistive technology devices; Soundbeam; and a special "futures" demonstration station.