PVT / The Beauvilles / Sonnymoon

Saturday / October 23, 2010 / 8:00 p.m.
Red Room at Cafe 939
939 Boylston Street
United States

Australian trio PVT (formally known as Pivot) just released Church with No Magic on Warp Records. As said by CMJ, "If Church with No Magic was to represent some kind of religious institution, it would be an ethereal, electronic temple where David Bowie would regularly deliver sermons." Also appearing are the Beauvilles and Sonnymoon.

Dark experimental instrumental post-rock band Pivot were formed in 1999 by brothers Laurenz Pike (drums, percussion) and Richard Pike (guitar, production), but soon ballooned to a five-piece band with the additions of Adrian Klumpes (keyboard), Neal Sutherland (bass), and Dave Bowman (turntables). It may be de rigueur to compare instrumental music to film soundtracks, but partly inspired by Vangelis, that was exactly the sound PVT were aiming for.

What originated as a house band for underground warehouse art parties in sweaty, swampy Florida has become one of the Southeast's most recognized independent D.I.Y. touring artists. Known for their incendiary and inspired live shows and led by a singer-guitarist evocative of dead '70s icons, the Beauvilles have traveled far and wide across the 48 states, playing hundreds of shows, dozens of festivals, throwing guitars haphazardly across stages, tossing wine at audiences and whisky on themselves.

has been in the process of floating down to Earth over the past few months; they're ready to hit the ground running. Smooth, colorful vocals run down their often-atmospheric canvas, resulting in pleasantly psychedelic imagery. Be on the lookout for the wildest sounds you've never heard.