Acid Reggae Xperience

Thursday / July 26, 2007 / 8:15 p.m.
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Avenue
United States

Matt Jenson's Acid Reggae Xperience plays Matt Jenson’s hard hitting down-tempo reggae, funk and neo-soul arrangements of popular tunes and originals, glued together with trippy electronic textures, cutting socio-political jabs, all couched in an expansive spiritually motivating multi-media artistic vibration. Jenson, who is well-known at Berklee and beyond for his performance studies class, “The Music and Life of Bob Marley,” takes center stage expressing his view on what he, and so many now, see as the totally mis-guided domestic and international policies of the current administration and its corporate bedfellows. He uses music as a weapon in the on going struggle against what he calls “the religious, military, industrial complex,” and all forms of ignorance, violence and greed. In the end Jenson aims not only to critique but to offer a soul-ution through the raising of consciousness. The group features outstanding Berklee faculty, students, staff and friends. A true multi-dimensional XPERIENCE not to be missed!