Soul Caribbean

Thursday / February 21, 2008 / 7:15 p.m.
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Avenue
United States

Soul Caribbean is a concert celebrating the music of the Caribbean performed by Berklee ensembles: the Afro-Cuban Ensemble, the Steel Pan Ensemble, and the Bob Marley Ensemble. The concert connects to the  year's themes celebrating the relevance of the soul era. Soul resonated musically and socially/politically not only in the states, but in the Caribbean, as well.

Tonight's directors, professors Matt Jenson, Ron Reid, and Ricardo Monzon, will lead the ensembles through a repertoire that contains the great music of Caribbean traditions. Certainly most known is Jamaican reggae. That music was literally born and grew up equally out of island traditions and the roots of protest r&b. But certainly the sentiment of soul, ritual, and culturally relevant music could be seen and heard throughout the Caribbean in the powerful musical traditions of Cuba and the unique instrumental and song culture of Trinidad. Tonight the ensembles celebrate the soul of the Caribbean.