Tuti Fernández Clinic

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Wednesday / April 14, 2010 / 8:00 p.m.
Hard Rock Cafe Madrid
Paseo Castellana 2
Madrid, Spain
United States
Tuti Fernández

Tuti Fernández '01 presents From Berklee to the World of the Professional Musician. Fernández, a multifaceted guitarist and producer, has worked in almost every field related to the world of music. With a jazz background and a degree with honors from Berklee College of Music, he is a guitarist who plays every style as easily on the electric guitar as on the acoustic or flamenco guitar. 

Fernández will discuss topics including the concepts and musical direction he received at Berklee, high specialization, development of personal creativity, and the tools he acquired to become an all-around musician.

He will also explain the relationship between the music industry and a professional musician: how to get in, what the industry requires from a musician, how to make contacts, and what the session player profile is nowadays in Spain.

To finalize the clinic, Fernández will explain his musical development since he graduated from Berklee, playing some of his original compositions where he blends flamenco and jazz, and showing how knowing the traditions and evolution of both styles leads to innovation.

As an arranger, producer, and composer, Tuti Fernández has made music for television, film, and—most prolifically—theater, with more than 25 works in this field. He has worked with Jorge Pardo, Tomasito, Ara Malikian, and film composer Sergio de la Puente, and accompanied many pop and rock artists. He has shared the stage in international jazz festivals with artists such as Mike Manieri and Steps Ahead, Nicholas Payton, and Robin McKelle.

As a composer he has written for Ana Diosdado, Blanca Marsillach, and Gabriel Olivares, and his work as a producer is widely demonstrated on his own CDs, Herencia de Flamenco y Jazz and A Mi Aire. Currently he is director of the Compañia Española de Flamenco y Jazz, composing the score for the film Oxigeno para vivir, directing music for the Spanish version of Avenue Q, and working on his new CD.

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