Meditation and Mastering the Inner Art of Performance

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Sunday / April 4, 2010 / 2:00 p.m.
Fordham Road Studio
25 Fordham Road
United States

In this special two-hour seminar, Josh Summers will present both theoretical and practical meditation methods to develop the inner capacities of performance. Topics include:

  • Stress reduction and enhanced creativity. Mindfulness meditation substantially reduces stress, develops psychological resiliency, and supports physical health, from which creative possibilities naturally flow.
  • The meditative mind as precondition for the development of expertise. We fear failure; yet without failure, expertise is not possible. Knowing this and understanding how to work with the fear of failure are two very different things. Meditation develops an integrative program of "failure tolerance" to ingrain the habit of relaxed acceptance and immediate creative renewal in the face of adversity.
  • Dissolve performance anxiety and end the tyranny of perfectionism. Performance anxiety manifests as intense physical sensations and relentless negative thinking. And this anxiety is intimately linked with the tyranny of our "inner critic." Meditation weakens these inner demons and replaces them with good, reliable allies.

Since his early days as a jazz saxophonist, Josh Summers has been fascinated by the intersection between meditation and performance. He lives in Boston as a mindfulness consultant, yoga instructor, and acupuncturist. Josh recently coauthored The Buddha's Playbook: Strategies for Enlightened Living.

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Free and open to the public