Chord Scale Madness / The Urban Outreach Jazz Orchestra

Thursday / April 29, 2010 / 8:15 p.m.
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Avenue
United States

This annual joint concert pairs the high-energy big band music of the Urban Outreach Jazz Orchestra with Chord Scale Madness, a 10-piece group playing the music of talented student arrangers and composers.

The Urban Outreach program is a mainstay of Berklee College, and the Urban Outreach Jazz Orchestra, led by faculty member Liv Biviano, has provided an extremely active outlet for the inner-city community as well as for the members of the orchestra. This year's concert features the most impressive edition of the Outreach Orchestra in 13 years. The entire ensemble, led by drummer Dan Platzman, pianist Jordan Seigel, and bassist Katie Thiroux along with lead trumpet player Bobby Gallegos and alto saxophonist Trevor Kellum, transcends the boundaries of big-band jazz conception—extremely high-energy and not for the faint of heart. 

The Chord Scale Madness concert features the writings of very talented student arrangers and composers. After a screening process, students are offered the opportunity to work with professor Jackson Schultz to fine-tune their music for performance. From that group, Schultz, with input from the 10-piece band, chooses the evening's selections.