Mariano Martos

Tuesday / November 3, 2009 / 3:00 p.m.
Berk Recital Hall
1140 Boylston Street
United States

A close-up of the flamenco style. Flamenco has a great deal of history, rhythms, polyrhythms, and esthetical conceptions that will be explained and developed. Recorded examples played by real flamenco musicians will be used. Students will have the possibility of playing a bass solo composition with samples or improvising over original recordings.

The focus will be on four basic flamenco rhythms or "palos": rumbas, tangos, tanguillos, and bulerias. Students will work on how to visualize the instrument, focusing on the flamenco guitar techniques applied to the bass as alzapua, the rasgueo and flamenco phrasing. Each rhythm will be explained gradually according to the difficulties, using peruvian box, claps, shakers, rhythmic, and poly-rhythmic exercises. Ensembles will be made in order to practice these concepts.

Different patterns and possibilites of each palo will be worked out, rhythmically and harmonically, combining the traditional way of playing with these techniques. Students will play a song or idea in order to apply all the concepts that have been presented.