Berklee Summer Concert SeriesGentlemen Hall

Thursday / September 17, 2009 / 12:00 p.m.
Kendall Square
300 Athenaeum Street
United States
Gentlemen Hall

The six musicians of Gentlemen Hall will appear at Kendall Square with a seamlessly blended sound that highlights music backgrounds influenced by funk, pop, soul, r&b, rock, and electronica. Some have described it as dance floor funk. Hear them and see if you agree.

Here's how the band describes itself: Transcending the physical and surpassing the metaphysical at the speed of physics, Gentlemen Hall takes funk and pop to the 11th exponent of all that grabs your attention, exponentially. Six musicians with musical backgrounds from funk, pop, soul, r&b, rock and electronica come together in a highly infectious and original blend that defies mortal comprehension, but that's ok, people love it anyway. Gentlemen Hall is unbound by traditional genre, though the masses have come to describe their music as dance floor funk.

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