Zambelli Scholarship Winner Tim Tsang

Tuesday / March 3, 2009 / 6:00 p.m.
Oliver Colvin Recital Hall
1140 Boylston Street
United States

Originally born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Tsang grew up mainly with classical influences, having begun piano studies at age 5. After being awarded with an entrance scholarship, he went on to study piano performance at UBC (University of British Columbia), one of the biggest and most prestigious music programs in Canada. Having studied with renowned pianist/teacher Henri-Paul Sicsic (fourth generation in lineage of Chopin), Tsang was well on his way to becoming a force in the world of classical music. 

Tsang was offered a $15,000/year scholarship from Berklee College of Music. Originally majoring in jazz performance, Tsang switched his focus to music synthesis, absorbing himself with knowledge and interest in modern music technology and sound design. In December 2007, after only three months of exposure to electronic music, Tsang went back to Canada and performed a full length set with pumping beats and fresh sounds at the Plaza Club in front of several hundred people.  He also performed as the lead singer/rapper with the Sweetness Group, which included Ray Garraway, drummer of Grammy Nominated Artist k-os.

Tsang continues to stay true to his keyboarding roots, as he has recently discovered and purchased a Minimoog Voyager—one of, if not the world's best-known synthesizer. Combing a rich understanding of sound design with virtuosic playing on the minimoog, Tsang's creativity is ever expanding as he has rapidly growing a strong online presence as "The Moogist."  

For more information visit Tsang's website.