Keppie Coutts/a'tris

Friday / August 22, 2008 / 8:15 p.m.
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Avenue
United States

Keppie Coutts
Keppie Coutts (Berklee ’07, with a major in professional music and an emphasis in songwriting) has proven time and again that she is an exceptional singer/songwriter and fine guitarist. While a student at Berklee, Coutts won the Songwriters Competition and the Performer/Songwriter Showcase, the two most prestigious contests and concerts sponsored by the Songwriting Department. Keppie was also asked to perform in the Berklee Performance Center for Guitar Night, an annual concert that showcases only a handful of student guitarist in a college of more than 1,000 guitarists.

The brainchild of vocalist/songwriter Mason Taylor and
producer/songwriter Michael Kraher, a'tris was formed in 2004 in Boston and released its debut album, appeal, in 2005 on Mark Records. The band followed this with a national tour in 2006 and released and EP, Of the Commons in 2007. The band's new album, Lensing, is set to be released this year and has already been previewed, and favorably received and charted on a number of radio stations.

The band's music has been characterized as "chardonnay and fine brie" and "full blown cinematic rock" by various critics. Its songs challenge listeners with provocative music and lyrics and productions that provide enough ear candy' to satisfy popular taste; in other words, a'tris provides a fun listen for intelligent people.

Band members and the production team, made up entirely of current Berklee students and Berklee alumni are: Nate Luek, Ben Azar, Justine Garner, Mason Taylor, Michael Kraher, and Chuck Sokol.