HUMANWINE/Luminescent Orchestrii and Julia Easterlin

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Saturday / June 21, 2008 / 8:00 p.m.
Red Room at Cafe 939
939 Boylston Street
United States

Luminescent Orechestrii is filled with Romanian gypsy melodies, punk frenzy, salty tangos, hard-rocking klezmer, haunting Balkan harmony, hip-hop beats, and Appalachian fiddle, all devoured and spit out by two violins, resophonic guitar, bullhorn harmonica, and bass. The band has toured the United States East Coast, England, Scotland, and Germany, and has traveled to Romania, Macedonia, Turkey, and Serbia for inspiration. The band most recently returned from Serbia's Dragacevo Trumpet Festival, a 47-year-old event in the small town of Guca, where hordes of competing gypsy brass bands take to the streets and restaurants.

Since 2002 HUMANWINE, has been using the imagery of bones, dirt, blood and rust to share their allegorical tales. Holly Brewer and M@ McNiss organize a 'new band' for every HUMANWINE performance, pulling from the wealth of musicians in any particular area they find themselves in, gathering a completely different group of people/instruments. This results in each song taking on a different light and so they "shine differently."

A native of Georgia, Berklee student Julia Easterlin is already making waves in Boston’s music scene. Her charming sound of alternative jazz/acoustic songs captures the attention of many as she accompanies herself with a loop-delay board on her lap. While feeding it layers of vocal and percussion rhythms, Julia tells a story with her heartfelt lyrics and smooth melodies.

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