Jeff Harrington: R&B, Funk, and Pop Saxophone Styles Clinic

Saturday / June 23, 2012 / 4:00 p.m.
David Friend Recital Hall
921 Boylston Street
United States

This clinic will outline and demonstrate through performance and recorded examples the various approaches and characteristics of R&B, funk, and pop saxophone styles with regards to improvisation, melodic vocabulary, rhythmic conceptions, and expressive elements.

Saxophonist Jeff Harrington is a professor at Berklee College of
Music, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) affiliated artist
and a Harvard University MLSP instructor. He has performed in Europe, St. Thomas, the Philippines, Barbados, Los Angeles, Martinique, the Southwest U.S., and throughout New England.

His recordings include Cosmic Motion Picture as a leader, One by the
Reed Dieffenbach Quartet, and So Tru by Trudy Sandhaus and Home Cookin’ (Reed Dieffenbach Quintet), among others. Emanations (Jeff Harrington Quartet) and new quartet CDs with Harry Fix and Reed Dieffenbach are due out in 2012.

Additionally, he is the author of Blues Improvisation Complete
(Berklee Press), Great Smooth Jazz, R&B, and Pop Saxophone Solos (Hal
Leonard), Great Tenor Saxophone Solos, Vol. 1 & 2 (Oasis Press), Great Smooth Jazz, R&B and Pop Tenor Saxophone Solos (Oasis Press) and Written Solos On Standard Tunes (Oasis Press). Essential Solos on
Standard Progressions
(Advance) will be out in 2013.

He can be contacted through his website,