Matthew Perryman Jones / Matthew Mayfield / Callaghan

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Friday / September 21, 2012 / 8:00 p.m.
Red Room at Cafe 939
939 Boylston Street
United States
Matthew Perryman Jones

Matthew Perryman Jones  is a product of the '80s, and his musical taste is shaped largely by bands like the Pixies, REM, U2, Echo and the Bunnymen, and other underground bands of that time. Jones was born near Philadelphia and relocated to Atlanta at the age of 11. He began writing songs in high school, where he also formed his first band, and was 15 when they recorded their first five-song demo (produced by Indigo Girls producer Don McCollister). His songs have been featured on TV shows such as Kyle XY and the Grey's Anatomy.

Matthew Mayfield says "Sometimes I write quiet, folky ballads. Those songs rip my heart out. The truth is that it's 2012 and everything has changed. I've signed a big record deal. I've been wined and dined by the big wigs. And none of it matters. The only thing that ever lasts is the song. If you truly believe the guy who's coming through your speakers, then something beautiful and truly miraculous is happening"

Born in Boston, Lincolnshire to a musical family, Callaghan was classically trained on flute from age 6, then gravitated toward singing and playing piano. By 14 she was writing songs, and started trekking to London to record with various producers. At 18 Callaghan relocated to London permanently to live with her sister (whose flat was so tiny, the singer slept under the kitchen table), while recording a number of independent EPs and playing all over the city, at spots like the Bedford, Regal Room, Royal National Theatre, and 100 Club. A long-time Mullins fan, Callaghan contacted him in 2009 through MySpace while seeking a producer, and he agreed to a rare collaboration. An initial recording trip to Atlanta yielded three songs, prompting her life-changing relocation there in 2010 to finish the full-length.