Teddy Geiger / Jesse Ruben / Sarah Miles

Wednesday / July 11, 2012 / 8:00 p.m.
Red Room at Cafe 939
939 Boylston Street
United States
Teddy Geiger

Teddy Geiger was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for “Favorite Love Song,” and in February 2007, won MTV Australia’s Best New Artist VMA award. Also performing is Jesse Ruben. Both artists are singer-songwriters playing pop, indie and rock tunes. 

After independently releasing his Stepladder EP at age 15 to unexpected chart recognition, Teddy Geiger released his acclaimed 2006 debut album Underage Thinking on Columbia records. The album entered The Billboard charts in the Top 10 (#8), winning Best Album Of The Year at the Annual Musiqtone Awards. Geiger was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for “Favorite Love Song,” and in February 2007,won MTV Australia’s Best New Artist VMA award, where the album went Gold. His first single, “For You I Will (Confidence)” which he cowrote and arranged, went platinum in the U.S. In 2008, after a successful year of awards, national ad campaigns and worldwide television appearances, Geiger starred with Rainn Wilson in the film The Rocker

25-year-old Philly-bred singer-songwriter Jesse Ruben freely confides that he’s done a bit of “obsessing” over his second album, The Ones That Matter. The artist cites singer-songwriters like Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and James Taylor as his greatest influences, but also admits a fondness for the standards penned by Cole Porter and the Gershwins. Upon graduating from Berklee in 2008, Ruben was already living out of a suitcase in his battle-tested Toyota. “If I had my choice, I’d be touring all the time,” he volunteers. “I love the lifestyle—sleeping late and getting up and driving and playing and meeting a bunch of people and doing the same thing the next day. I love not having to worry about cleaning my room or doing dishes; I’m cool with living out of a suitcase; I’m just working toward the day when I can trade the Greyhound for a bus of my own.” 

Also playing is Sarah Miles


$12 General Public, $7 Berklee Students