New Music Festival

Wednesday / February 22, 2012 / 7:15 p.m.
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Avenue
United States

The annual New Music Festival presents groups that defy categorization in a single genre, or present material in a new or different way. Be taken on a journey from traditional jazz to electronica.

This year four groups are featured. The Eastwood Project, directed by Jordan Rose, combines a literary work written especially for this event with a collaborative score in a jazz and blues vibe. A string ensemble led by Scarlett Deering plays unexpected arrangements of recognizable material. Deniz Ozcelik combines jazz vocal and instrumental improvisation with dance and electronica, and the Jauntee is a refreshingly unusual jam band, led by Scott Ferber.

The Jauntee

Drawing influence from a wide variety of bands, the Jauntee's improvisational landscape spans multiple genres, including funk, rock, jazz, progressive, bluegrass, psychedelic, and ambient music. Its willingness to explore genres, abandon all song structure, and dive into 'the weird' sets it apart from your average upcoming jam band. With a large arsenal of covers, countless original tunes, and an inclination for open-ended improvisation, every show promises to be a unique experience.

Little Moon

Brought together by the winds of fate, a group of accomplished string players integrate the delicacy of the sound of strings with the unruly edge of indie rock. They have played to the drifting snow on Mount Everest, to the rolling waves of the Dead Sea, to the groaning erosion of the Grand Canyon, and to the swimming lava of Vesuvius. They have summoned the greatness of the oceans and the fire of the sun to create a mesmerizing sound unlike any other. They are Little Moon.

The Eastwood Project

The creative minds of Devon Yesburger, Spencer Stewart, Jordan Rose, Roni Eytan, and Jack McNutt have combined to create something that has never been done before. Be sure not to miss this groundbreaking performance as they combine their musicianship with another art form. Jack McNutt (a talented writer) will script a short family-friendly dialogue that will be spoken by the musicians on stage while they simultaneously play the score composed for the script. Each musician will not only be a voice in the dialogue, but will be contributing to the score at the same time. It will be a western type of vibe with a blues and jazz influence for the score.

Can't make it to the show? This event will stream live on Concert Window

$8 in advance (discount applied at checkout), $12 day of show, general admission