Banded Showcase

Thursday / October 6, 2011 / 7:00 p.m.
Brighton Music Hall
158 Brighton Avenue
United States

Five Boston bands were given this task: write and record an original song. Sounds easy, right? Now do it in front of the expert ears of Berklee professors and the watchful lenses of a Berklee film crew. The songs will be unveiled at the live concert featuring Zili Misik, Aloud, the Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, Ghost Box Orchestra, and Tumbleweed Company, along with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the upcoming documentary, Banded.

Banded aims to show how the academics of music theory connect to the creative spark and inspiration behind writing a song in a band. To capture the process, cameras followed the musicians as they wrote, rehearsed, rewrote, recorded, and even completed music theory assignments.

The Banded Showcase will kick off with a brief panel discussion featuring the Berklee faculty coaches (from the Composition, Music Production & Engineering, and Songwriting departments at the school) and members of the bands talking about their experiences with the groundbreaking project. Video trailers of each band will be teased out to viewers. Then special student guests from the Berklee City Music Ensemble will perform to start the night of eclectic and original music.

Proceeds will benefit a technology scholarship for the Berklee City Music program.

Learn more about Berklee PULSE, Berklee City Music, and all the bands, visit.