Expedition Quartet

Friday / October 7, 2011 / 1:00 p.m.
Oliver Colvin Recital Hall
1140 Boylston Street
United States

Adventurous String Band Music: The Expedition Quartet with Jake Schepps, Grant Gordy, Enion Pelta-Tiller, and Ian Hutchison have a new album of music by the great Hungarian composer Béla Bartók. While the group is rooted in the stringband tradition, the result is music—and music-making—that is as fresh and exciting to our 21st-century ears as it must have been to Bartók’s first listeners so many decades ago. The premise for this juxtaposition stems from the band’s whole-hearted belief in the traditional bluegrass instruments (banjo, mandolin, guitar, violin, and bass) as a highly versatile and unique ensemble. While this curious dichotomy may seem trite, it casts new light on Bartók’s brilliance, evoking the best of his Eastern European folk music transcriptions, his modernist harmony, and makes for compelling listening. For more information on Jake Schepps and the Expedition Quartet visit expeditionquartet.com.